Great Storage System of Besta IKEA

Posted by in Wall units - September 10, 2016
Great Storage System of Besta IKEA

Wall units - Great Storage System of Besta IKEA

Besta IKEA. Besta storage system is neat and stylish way to organize all the stuff your living room. Choose from a variety of combinations suggested or use Besta storage planner to personalize your own unique layout. Besta can grow and adapt as your storage needs a change - whether you are expecting a new family member, or just the latest DVD box set. For the final touch, choose lighting and fittings from IKEA INREDA series.
IKEA Hackers Besta gets floored designed
IKEA Hackers Besta gets floored designed TV storage combination / glass doors whit white stained oak wood frame, clear glass Valviken dark brown. Drawer and door closes slowly and quietly thanks to soft-closing functions are integrated. TV storage combination has a lot of additional storage so that the living room remains tidy. There are several holes in the cable TV behind the counter so that the cable TV and other devices covered but easy to reach. Cable hole in the top will make cables tidy although TV mounted on the wall. Interior accessories that help you organize items inside Besta sold separately. This furniture must be mounted on the wall with the included wall fastener. Different wall materials require different types of mounting devices. Use mounting devices suitable for the wall of the house, sold separately. TV table top can withstand loads up to 50 kg.
Ikea Besta Cabinets with high gloss doors in living room
Ikea Besta Cabinets with high gloss doors in living room Currently Besta IKEA is an item that can be said must be owned by the occupants of the house, function as a medium of entertainment and source of information for all family members is a major reason the importance of ownership of these items. The family room is a room that is most often used to put a TV, so that the more beautiful the course is required harmony with the design of his living room. The basic concept is the IKEA Besta design combines beauty and function. Things about the aesthetics of the room are certainly a priority for this rack will be placed all subjects were classified as semi-public, where guests of the family or close colleagues also used a family room at the time of visit. This rack has a minimalist design with a simple basic form with the basic elements of the box without the use of ornament or detail is not required.
Home Living room Best Storage Combination
Home Living room Best Storage Combination By combining the IKEA Besta functions with a lcd tv, shelves certainly has more value than the regular model racks. Lcd tv taped parts can be opened and closed as needed. Note that the rack is specially designed for lcd tv with commonly affixed to the walls or partitions. It can not be used to put a tube tv tv thick or old model. By using Besta IKEA, the back of the TV can be used to store items or furniture is small. For example in the picture above the inside of the rack used to store a collection of DVD movies. As a visual medium, sometimes we need other media such as VCD player to make entertain another factor in the family room. The inside can also be used to store our collection of books and other small knick knacks.